DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardees

The DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Award honors alumni who have achieved either industrial, managerial, professional, avocational, or public service distinction or series of distinctions. This award category is dissimilar to the DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Award in two main aspects: (1) It focuses more on the singular distinctive achievements of the awardee in a single area and, accordingly, principally focuses on tasks rather on the persons and (2) The award does not have a minimum 20-year award lapse.
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Nolledo, Nico Jose S.
LSGH GS 1990, LSGH HS 1994
Norman B. San Agustin, M.D.
DLSU GS 1958, DLSU HS 1962
Ontal, Franz G.
USLS HS 1980, USLS BS Biology 1985
Quijano, Franklin M.
La Salle Academy Iligan HS 1972
Reyes, Jose Javier “Joey”
DLSU GS 1968, LSGH HS 1972, DLSU AB Literature 1976, DLSU MA English Education 1977
Roberto “Bobby” S. Claudio
USLS GS 1961, DLSU HS 1965, DLSU AB-BSBA 1970
Roberto, Eduardo L.
AB-BSBA19 63
Rowena P. Romulo
DLSU AB Economics 1983
Syjuco, Cesare A. X.
GS 1965, LSGH HS 1969, AB 1974
Tan, Lorenzo V.
BSC 1982
Tan, Nestor V.
BSC Acctg. 1978
Tan, Raymond Girard R., Ph.D.
Tordesillas, Manuel N.
LSGH GS 1996, LSGH HS 1970, DLSU BS Industrial Engineering 1975
Tullao, Tereso S. Jr.
AB Economics 1972
Valenciano, Edgardo Jose "Gary" S.
LSGH GS 1978, LSGH HS 1982
Villalon, Augusto F.
HS 1962
Villavicencio, Ramon F.
GS 1954, HS 1958, BSC 1962, MBA 1964
Vistan, Deogracias N.
AB-BSBA 1965
Yang, Cathy Y.
AB Communication Arts 1992
Yang, George T.
BSBA 1962