Lobregat, Virgilio
HS 1918, AA 1920; DLSAA President (1930 - 1932)
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Virgilio Lobregat entered second grade in La Salle Nozaleda in 1911. He would become the nucleus of the champion teams that La Salle turned out in that decade. He who was not only a soccer football player but also a formidable six-feet-two center in basketball, a home-run batter in baseball and a long distance runner and high jumper in track and field. He became the pentathlon and decathlon champion during the initial years of the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Federation. Later he played for outstanding soccer teams like the Nomads and the Casino Español and climaxed his athletic career by being a member of the team that competed in the Far Eastern Olympics. He was not only a star athlete. He was also a patriot who sacrificed his life for the freedom of his country. He joined the guerrilla activities of a group led by Juan Miguel Elizalde. When the Americans approached Manila in February 1945, the guerrillas were beheaded by the Japanese and buried in a common grave.