Ugarte, Sebastian
HS 1925, AA 1927; DLSAA President (1947 - 1948)
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Sebastian Ugarte was fullback of the champion La Salle football team and track and field from 1924-1925. After leaving school, he became a reporter for the Manila Daily Bulletin where he covered football, track and field, swimming and basketball. After the establishment of the Commnwealth, he became legal adviser to the Resident Comissioner Mike Elizalde, joined President Osmena upon his return to the Philippines and worked in Malacanang when Manuel Roxas was president. He joined San Miguel Corporation and was very much involved in the Philippine Football Association league. Their team was run by Sebastián, who was Executive Vice-President at A. Soriano & Co. In the early 60s, under Sebastian’s leadership, the Soriano group acquired the services of foremost British coaches Alan Rogers, Brian Birch, Danny McClelan and Graham Adams to train referees, coaches and players and also trained the national and youth players. In 1961, San Miguel via the PFA invited four medical students from Spain who were proficient in the game. With the SMC efforts starting to pay off and promotional support coming from Elizalde Company, 20,000 came to the Rizal Football Stadium to watch the Finals of the 8th Asian Youth Football Tournament in 1966. Sebastian never imagined that a football field would be named in his honor. The Ugarte Field is a park at the Makati Stock Exchange. He was President of the De La Salle Alumni Assocication from 1947-48 and was inducted into the DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.