Award Categories

Exemplary Honors: DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awards

The DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Award is the highest and most prestigious non-sports award given by the DLSAA. This award honors Lasallians Who have achieved multiple and earned distinction and unusual positive recognition for their vision, leadership, management, and integrity in their chosen fields, professions, or public service, who are reputed nationally or internationally, and Who may serve both as professional and personal role models for Lasallian students and other Filipinos.

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Exemplary Honors: DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awards

The DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Award honors alumni who have achieved either industrial, managerial, professional, avocational, or public service distinction or series of distinctions.

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Sports Honors: DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awards

The DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Award honors athletes who have shown outstanding performance individually or as part of a team in representing DLSU - M or any DLSB - PD school in officially recognized competitions or who have been members of Philippine delegations in prestigious regional or international sports events, such as the Olympics, Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, etc.

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DLSAA Lasallian Sports Achievement Awards

The DLSAA Lasallian Sports Achievement Award recognizes the athletic achievement or contribution of Lasallian athletes who have not yet exhausted the 20-year prescriptive period. This award almost exclusively focuses on a noteworthy school, national, or international athletic achievement or series of achievements and does not, because of the absence of a time test, necessarily honor both achievement(s) and person.

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Order of Madame de Maillefer Awards

This award honors Distinguished Lasallian Awardees who have continued to spread the Lasallian mission of education to the less fortunate of our countrymen. Madame de Maillefer was a relative of St. John Baptist de la Salle. She was actually the first benefactor of the founder. After some soul searching and spiritual enlightening, she began to share a large amount of her wealth in order that the mission of St. La Salle of educating the poor would succeed.

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Br. Benedict Award

The DLSAA Br. Benedict Award aims to perpetuate the memory of Br. Josiah Benedict FSC (born John Wenceslaus Edward Lidinsky), who virtually single-handedly managed the DLSAA from the ‘60s to the late ‘80s. It recognizes and honors contributions by alumni to the Association or any DLSB-PD school or organization. Honorees must have rendered volunteer, unpaid, consistent, and dedicated service.

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President's Award

The DLSAA President’s award is given to an individual alumnus or non-alumnus, a group or business entity for having continuously supported, not just the DLSAA, but other Lasallian alumni associations and the institution as a whole; or for any notable reason as may be recommended by the DLSAA President.

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DLSAA Presidential Citation Award

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Chapter Honors: DLSAA Outstanding Chapter Award

The DLSAA Outstanding Chapter Award aims to recognize the most outstanding performance by a DLSU - M, other campus, geographical, or international DLSAA chapter. It also aims to motivate chapters to higher levels of productivity.

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Chapter Honors: DLSAA Outstanding Chapter President Award

An ancillary to the DLSAA Outstanding Chapter Award, the DLSAA Outstanding Chapter President Award honors the personal distinctive performance and exemplary work of a President who is the Chief Executive Officer of the outstanding chapter awardee.

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Chapter Honors: DLSAA Chapter Special Citation Award

This award is presented to chapters for events or programs noted for exceptional success or uniqueness. There is no limit on the number of chapters that may receive the award.

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DLSAA Lasallian Merit Award

The DLSAA Lasallian Merit Award recognizes alumni who have brought distinction to any DLSB - PD school by placing in the top ten of any licensure examination given by either the Professional Regulation Commission or the Supreme Court (in the case of bar examinees).

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Honorary Membership

The conferment of a DLSAA honorary membership to an individual who is not pre-qualified acknowledges an individual's loyalty and unpaid, unsolicited, and volunteer support to the Association or any DLSB - PD school's projects or concerns.

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