A Compilation of Ben Sanchez' Memories of La Salle in Photos

CONRADO "Ben" SANCHEZ † (left) with the rest of De La Salle College Batch 1951 during the 2011 DLSAA Homecoming.

CONRADO SANCHEZ, nickname Ben, studied in De La Salle from kindergarten all the way to college and taught there for three years after graduation; he later earned graduate degrees in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and Yale University. Oscar Lagman, Jr., nickname Oscar, also a product of the La Salle grade school and high school departments and of its Liberal Arts-Commerce program, is an MBA from the University of San Francisco; he has been an MBA professor for many years and writes the column “To Take a Stand” for BusinessWorld. (http://josecarilloforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=677.0)

Ben passed away on October 2015.

De La Salle Kindergarten Class, 1934 with Mr. Juan Medrano, Class Teacher, Mr. Juan Barrientos and Bro. William, Principal

De La Salle Elementary, 1st grade, 1935 with Mr. Jose Tatco, Class Teacher, Bro. William, Principal

First Communion Day, 1935. Archbishop of Manila, Rev. Michael O’Dougherty officiating
La Salle Faculty, 1941. First row (from left to right): Brother William, Brother Athanasius, Brother Xavier, Brother A. Peter, Brother B. John. Second row: Brother Adolph, Brother Paul, Brother Victor, Brother Hubert, Brother Lucien, Brother Norbert, Brother Leo, Brother Baptist. Third row: Brother Alphouse, Brother Berthwin, Brother Edward, Brother F. John, Brother Romuald, Brother Garfried, Brother Hugh. Fourth row: Brother Anthony, Brother Maximien, Brother D. Peter, Brother Arcadius, Brother Raymond, Brother Lambert, Brother Felix, Brother William.

Intermediate Faculty, 1941. First row: (left to right): Brothers Anthony; Baptist; Paul; Maxim; Leo; William; Lucian; Norbert; Berthwin; John; Adolph.
Second row:  Messrs. Isauro B. Nuñez; Juan Barrientos; Desiderio Miranda; Juan Medrano; Brother Lambert; Messrs. Tereso D. Lara; Claro Gloria Aquitaña; Jose Tatco.

Grade School Boys lining up before morning classes, 1941. Note: Handball courts in the background

Grade School Choir, 1941. First row, (left to right): CONRADO SANCHEZ; Albert Nassr; Benjamin de Vera; Professor Joseph Cysner; Jose Samson; Benjamin Arceo; Mariano de Vera; Jaime Gonzalez. Second row: Richard Tiongco; Ramon Martinez; Alberto Miranda; John Zabaleta; Eduardo Escudero; Rafael Mencarini; Michael Joseph; Fidel Estrada; Alberto Gutana. Third row: Francisco Dinglasan; Ricardo Arrandiaga; Arturo Zuluaga; Paul Choy; Nestor Trapaga; Rodolfo Montinola; Fausto Gonzalez. Last row: Juanito Ordoveza; Charles Young; Alberto Locsin; Ernest Loewinsohn; Ernesto Martinez; Richard Nassr.

DLSC Senior Basketball Team, 1941. Kneeling, (from left to right): D. Garcia, L. Crespo, A. Manzano, (Captain). Standing: A. Crespo, N. Tampinco, A. Ray, R. Keesey, R. Tillman.

DLSC Midget Football Team, 1941. Kneeling (from left to right): M. Joseph, B. Salas, H. Razon, Capt.; J. Razon, J. Gonzalez, V. Eduque, A. Beltran. Standing: J. Asensi, P. Torrella, Lee Hong, E. Escudero, F. Gamboa, A. Locsin, F. Vidorrazaga, A. Avelino, H. Llamado.

Intramural Champions: Junior Basketball Team, 1941. From left to right: E. Escudero, F. Goyena, D. Smackman, E. Sharruf, J. Uytiepo, P. Torrella.

Graduation Day. High School Class, 1947. Archbishop Michael O’Dougherty officiating with Bro. Athanasius, President of De La Salle College

DLSC Varsity Basketball Team: 1947 NCAA Champions. First Row: Lino Castillejo, Tito Eduque, Albert Decena Second Row: Danny Huang, Grumpy Ramirez, Jun Iñigo, Jess Pimentel, Eddie Decena, Ed Tordesillas Third Row: Eddie Sharuff, Horace Nable, Coach Chito Calvo, Jose Mari Mendieta, Gabby Roses, Hugo von Arend

Junior Patrol of De La Salle, 1947.

HS Batch ’47 in BSC Batch ‘51. Front Row: Ramon Beltran, Jose Pueo, Rafael Policarpio, Edgardo Tordesillas, CONRADO SANCHEZ, Jr., Conrado E. Sevilla, Herbert Dee, Jose Ma. Mendieta, Eduardo Decena. Second Row: Lino Castillejo [far left], Salvador Quirino [third from right] Third Row: Francisco Sevilla, Paul Choy [third and fourth from left] Fourth Row: Silvino Lee, Augusto Escueta [first and third from left], Alfred Israel, Albert Decena, Emilio Esteban Henry Choy [fourth to first from the right] Note: Contributor Bernardo Lahoz Sr., BSC ’51 is second from right in the fourth row.

De La Salle High School Graduating Class of 1947 (Taken during their Junior Year). Section A. First Row: Antonio Prats, Jr., Rafael Policarpio, Leo Caro, Fidel Estrada, CONRADO SANCHEZ, Jr. Conrado Sevilla, Montano Villanueva and Francisco Borja. Second Row: Emilio Esteban, Jose Vergel de Dios, Antonio Cajili, Henry Dee, Francisco Sevilla, Augusto Nable, Mariano de la Cruz, Third Row: Francisco Oliveros, Henry Choy, Jr., Pedro Katigbak, Alfredo Mabanag, Bernardo Aseneta, John Uytiepo, Justo Monillas, Paul Choy, Jose Ma. Montinola. Fourth Row: Ramon Mabanag, Fernando Langcauon, Manuel Igual, Gabriel Roses, Ramon Beltran, Jose Ma. Mendieta, Gerardo Roses, Ricardo Cardenas. Note: Bullet- and shrapnel-ridden background.

De La Salle High School Graduating Class of 1947 (Taken during their Junior Year). Section B. First Row: Marcos Tan, Unknown, Rafael Martelino, Abelardo Valencia, Jr., Kurt Seeberger, Eduardo Decena, Lino Castillejo, Jr., Jose Andaya, Jr. Second Row: Jose Nuñez, Feliciano Cho, Antonio Bouffard, Carlos Daland, Edgardo Tordesillas, Jose Ma. Enriquez, Alberto Decena, Rodolfo Santos, Mario Sevilla, Daniel Maramba. Third Row: Unknown, Silvino Lee, Oscar Dar Juan, Eduardo Velez, Eugenio Zarate, Nestor Feliciano, Jacinto Chang, Silverio Ruiz, Romulo Guevarra, Herbert Dee.

Pre-War façade, De La Salle College

Shell-struck and bullet-ridden façade of De La Salle College after Liberation.

St. Joseph’s Chapel, De La Salle College Massacre Scene, February 1945

2000 lb. bomb dropped on Manila, 1944

"Manila, after the Japs" -- On the left or south bank of the Pasig River reading from bottom: Insular ice plant (Lower Foreground), Santa Cruz Bridge (destroyed), Post Office and Jones Bridge. Tall prominent building in lower right foreground is the Great Eastern Hotel. Just above it is Plaza Goiti. Santa Cruz Church (destroyed) is at far corner of plaza. Behind this plaza is the Santa Cruz Plaza. At far left center, just beyond Jones Bridge is National City Bank of New York. Most of the north bank is known as the Escolta or business district. Philippine Trust Company is the long building on lower bank of canal. 9 March 1945.

Wrecked buildings including City Hall, Manila, March 1945

Capt. Dan Locolvero appears on horseback surrounded by guerrilla forces he has led on the Zamboanga Peninsula for last three years. (1945)

Dead Filipino with hands tied behind his back, "probably killed by the Japs, lies amid the ruins of his home in Manila,"

Even the Filipino children help to rebuild. Little boy carrying bricks in push cart

Filipino family sheltered beneath the rubble of what used to be their home in the town of Pasay, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

Debris amid damaged buildings on Escolta Street, after bombings

Rizal Avenue, Manila, Luzon, Philippine Islands, at one time the prosperous business district which was the hub of activity. The city's largest and most modern theater the "Avenue" in the rear, is still in good condition, although the interior has been burned out.

"Filipino crowds throng about as men of the 148th Infantry Regiment pass along Manila street with wounded Japs in tow, Luzon, Philippine Islands."

DLSC Varsity Football Team: 1948 NCAA Champions. Front Row: Jess Pimentel, Ignacio Vicente, Bruno Vicente, Pepeton Garcia, Badong Quirino, Henry Choy, Lino Castillejo Back Row: Eddie Sharuff, Ramon Beltran, Josechu Pueo, Jose Mari Mendieta, Tito Eduque, J. Pons, Tito Escueta, Alfred Ysrael