DLSAA Card Application Form

Like many non-profit organizations, the DLSAA is able to sustain its operations because of its members. Fees collected from new members, alumni-in-residence, and renewals contribute to the DLSAA's operational viability.

The DLSAA's amended by-laws classify active members who have paid the annual fees. A qualified member must fulfill this basic requirement in order to become an active member of the association. This applies to those who are registering for the first time or those who are
renewing an expired DLSAA card.

Furthermore, after an alumni-in-residence graduates, the DLSAA grants a two-year period
wherein the annual fee is waived and he or she is considered an active member. On the third
year, the alumni needs to renew their membership by paying the annual fee in order to retain
their status as an active member.

Currently, the DLSAA membership fee options consist of:

Membership Type Amount Validity
New Graduates (Bachelor’s Degree) PHP 0.00 2 years
Graduate Studies Graduate PHP 2,000.00 2 Years
Renewal PHP 2,000.00 2 Years
2-year Certificate /
Diploma Program
PHP 2,000.00 2 Years

Lifetime Membership

Membership Type Amount Validity
Regular PHP 5,000.00 Lifetime
Senior Alumni (age 60 and above) are entitled to 50% OFF on Regular Lifetime membership fee.

Premium Lifetime Membership (Archer's Quiver)*

Membership Type Amount Validity
Bronze PHP 10,000.00 Lifetime
Silver PHP 20,000.00 Lifetime
Gold PHP 50,000.00 Lifetime
Platinum PHP 100,000.00 Lifetime
Diamond PHP 200,000.00 Lifetime


Membership Type Amount Validity
For lost or damaged card PHP 100.00 same as lost or damaged card

*In addition to DLSAA lifetime membership, Archer's Quiver Fund donors' lists are enshrined in the DLSAA Quiver Wall at the South End of the St. La Salle Hall.

Why be an Active DLSAA Member

There are numerous advantages that come with an active DLSAA membership which include but are not limited to:

  • Issuance of a DLSAA Card (with all its benefits)
  • Eligibility to form or join a DLSAA Club, etc.
  • Most importantly, it formalizes the support that you, as an alumnus, give to your Association.

For the full list of benefits, please click here.

DLSAA Card Application Form