DLSAA Chapters

The DLSAA is the alumni association for De La Salle University and is structured organizationally by chapters. Thus, these chapters are under the umbrella of DLSAA and their formation is based on DLSAA by-laws.

They are devolved governing units which are classified as:

Upon graduation from De La Salle University, an alumnus immediately belongs to the content of the college or institution of graduation.

For example, a BS Physics graduate will initially belong to the College of Science content while a BS Mechanical Engineering graduate will be affiliated with the DLSAA College of Engineering content.

However, if the BS Physics alumnus relocates to Cebu or the Mechanical Engineering Graduate migrates to Toronto, the two can affiliate with the DLSAA Cebu and DLSAA Toronto chapters respectively and still be part of his/her college content.

DLSAA alumni may also be concurrent members of affiliate alumni associations of DLSPI schools like La Salle Greenhills, De La Salle - Lipa, University of St. La Salle (Bacolod), etc. There are many alumni of De La Salle Manila who are high school graduates of La Salle Greenhills and University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City for example.

What are the objectives of content formation?

What are the qualifications for a content?

What are the kinds of chapters allowed?

What are the basic responsibilities of a content?

Election of Officers