Continuing Education Program

In compliance with the Professional Regional Commission's (PRC) Regulation No. 381, De La Salle University has been providing seminars, conferences, conventions, and other continuing education options for professionals, depending on his/her field of practice and/or study. This regulation states that 40 different PRC-regulated professions are required to undergo continuing professional education (CPE) programs to be administered by various accredited CPE providers. Such programs, when administered efficiently and thoroughly, are meant to maintain, add, and ensure the enrichment of skills and training of licensed professionals.

*Since the implementation of the law last November 13, 1995, the PRC has accredited around 1,611 CPE providers, including private companies, professional associations, and colleges and universities of which De La Salle University is included.

The professions with the most number of accredited providers are nursing, medicine, dentistry, professional teachers, medical technology, accountancy, and midwifery. DLSU's Colleges of Medicine, Business and Economics, Medical Radiation Technology, Nursing and Midwifery, and its Graduate School of Business, offers several CEP opportunities to its professional students.

Continuing education includes professional education and further non-formal and informal education and training. DLSU, aware of CEP being considered similar in concept to lifelong learning, further propagates these opportunities in its effort to provide a better environment for individual, social, and professional development.

In the past, the DLSAA, too, has had several lectures and workshops held by illustrious speakers and alumni which proved to be very enlightening experiences. However, due to some unfortunate inclusions of political color and similar volatile partisan issues raised during some activities, the program was stopped.

The Association, though, aware of its requirements to update its alumni professionally, politically, and wholistically in their chosen fields, decided to reopen its continuing education program.

The DLSAA has since sponsored workshops, seminars, and other career-enriching activities for its alumni.

*Source: "Continuing Professional / Technical Education in the Philippines: Economic Policy Agenda for the Estrada Administration Trade & Investment Policy Analysis & Advocacy Support (TAPS) Project:" by Dr. Divina M. Edralin