DLSU Women’s Basketball Team (1976-1978)
DLSAA Lasallian Sports Achievement Awardee
First team ever in the WNCAA - 1976-1978 Champions; "for its trailblazing and historic victories in the Women's National Collegiate Athletic Association in the 1970's which paved the way for further triumphs of Lasallian women in collegiate, national and international sports"
There were many firsts for this team, and it was their superb performance that started a tradition of excellence in the succeeding years. They were DLSU's first ever women's basketball team in the history of the WNCAA, making them a pioneer in their field. Not only that, they dominated the competition and enjoyed an unchallenged championship reign starting from 1976 (their maiden year) to 1978. Thanks to their unprecedented feat, this team created a winning path for the women of the Lasallian athletic community in the decades to come.