Echevarria, Ramon C. Sr.
GS 1936, HS 1940, BSC 1948
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Ramon entered De La Salle College in Grade 1-C in June 1930, and was selected by then Coach Chito Calvo for the La Salle Varsity Football Team in 1939, while still in high school. He continued as a member of the team until the outbreak of WWII, being team captain in 1941. He entered De La Salle College as a teacher in 1945 to 1956, first in grade school (under U.S. Army tents) and then in high school, where he taught mostly Spanish and English literature. During the Third Asian Games in Tokyo in 1958, he coached the Philippine National Football Team defeating Japan before 60,000 spectators at the National Stadium, and placing 6th among 14 participating Asian nations.