Emmanuel “Manny” P. Maceda
DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardee
for helming the world’s leading consultancy firms, and for making history as the first Asian head of a global management group, continuing to forge industry innovations that lead to nurturing good businesses
Maceda is currently the worldwide managing partner of Bain & Company. He oversees the company’s global strategy and operations across more than 50 of its branches worldwide. Maceda is also part of the Board of Directors and headed Bain & Company’s Global Full Potential Transformation Group. Maceda is passionate about helping major corporations in their transformational processes. This includes planning, growth, expense management, optimizing performance and overall efficiency. He has a diverse range of clientele in different industries. This includes finance, retail, consumer products, telecommunications, energy and technology to name a few. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the MIT Sloan School of Management where Maceda completed his MS in Management. Maceda also has a magna cum laude in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.