DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardees

The DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Award honors athletes who have shown outstanding performance individually or as part of a team in representing DLSU - M or any DLSB - PD school in officially recognized competitions or who have been members of Philippine delegations in prestigious regional or international sports events, such as the Olympics, Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, etc.
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Calvo, Dionisio P.
BSC 1940
Campos, Ramoncito Felipe J., Jr.
HS 1946, BSC 1952; DLSAA President (1961 - 1962)
Capacio, Eliezer “Ely” O.
DLSU AB Behavioral Science 1977
Capistrano, Agapito “Terry” D.
LSC–HK 1970, AB 1976
Castillejo, Lino P. Jr.
HS 1947, BSC 1951
Cebrero, Horacio D. Jr.
HS 1927, AA 1929
Cojuangco, Eduardo M. Jr.
HS 1952
Cojuangco, Enrique “Henry” M.
DLSU GS 1955, DLSU HS 1959
Cojuangco, Jose "Peping" S. Jr.
GS 1946
Concepcion, Lee Patrick S.
Concepcion, Rene Francisco “Guy” S.
LSGH GS 1982
Cuatico, Enrique G. Sr.
HS 1936
Cui, Mariano J.
GS 1957, HS 1961
Da Silva, Roberto Jr.
HS 1954, BSBA 1958
Dauden, Angelo L.
GS 1951, HS 1955, BSC 1958
Dayrit, Celso L.
BSBA 1973, MBA 1978
de Jesus, Ramil H.
De Larrazabal, Alberto P.
GS 1934, HS 1938
Decena, Eduardo P.
HS 1947, BSC 1951
Dee, Robert W. Jr.
HS 1936
Del Rosario, Manuel Monsour T.
AB 1988
Dizon, Br. Rolando R. FSC
USLS GS 1957, USLS HS 1961, MAED-MGT 1973
Dominguez, Macario A.
HS 1966
Duarte, Jose Mari L.
GS 1959, HS 1963, BSBA 1967