DLSAA Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters:
These are the chapters per region in the Philippines apart from the Campus-based Chapters. The members consist of DLSU Manila graduates who are based in a certain region within the Philippines. The formation of each regional chapter is based on its geography.

e.g. DLSAA - Cebu Chapter, DLSAA - Davao Chapter, DLSAA - Metro Baguio Chapter, DLSAA - Nueva Ecija Chapter

  1. DLSAA Bacolod
  2. DLSAA Cagayan de Oro
  3. DLSAA Davao
  4. DLSAA La Union
  5. DLSAA Metro Baguio
  6. DLSAA Nueva Ecija
  7. DLSAA One La Salle Cebu Alumni Association
  8. DLSAA One La Salle Pampanga
  9. DLSAA Pangasinan