DLSAA International Chapters

These are graduates of DLSU who are based in a specific region outside of the Philippines. The formation of each international chapter is based on its geography.

e.g. DLSAA - Australia Chapter, DLSAA - British Columbia Chapter, DLSAA - East Coast Chapter, DLSAA - Hong Kong Chapter, DLSAA - Toronto Chapter

  1. DLSAA UAE Chapter
  2. DLSAA Washington D.C. (LSPAA)
  3. DLSAA Metro New York
  4. DLSAA New South Wales
  5. DLSAA New Zealand
  6. DLSAA Northern California
  7. DLSAA One La Salle Hong Kong
  8. DLSAA One La Salle Vancouver
  9. DLSAA Southern California
  10. DLSAA Toronto