DLSAA One La Salle Alumni of SOCAL

Chapter Board Members (2019-2021)

Alger L. Brion
Erik Cordero
Vice President
Yolanda “Baby” Coronel-Fructuoso
Vickie Diaz-Lazaro
Cristina Getten

Jong Salomon
Ginno Diaz
Coocoo Coruna
Dino Belgamino
Gilbert De Oca
Ron Mayuyu
Liza Cordero
Melany Gan Del Rosario
Armin Brion
John Mina
Raul Tecson
Howell Gutierrez
Erwin Soriano
Francis Franco
Jun Bando

Sam Misa
Ramon Manalo
Andrew Say

Jose “Pepe” Siy
Gary Legaspi
Denny Cagampan III


Southern California Chapter: 2009 DLSAA Outstanding Chapter Awardee

May 22, 2009 to May 24, 2009
Awarded during the World Congress VII, held in Los Angeles, for its successful planning, organization, and implementation of hosting activities for the World Congress VII held in Los Angeles, California, USA from 22 to 24 May 2009; for its outstanding performance in successfully increasing its active membership; and for its other advocacies.

Denny P. Cagampan III: 2009 DLSAA Outstanding Chapter President Awardee

May 22, 2009 to May 24, 2009
Denny P. Cagampan III (LSGH GS 1973, LSGH HS 1977, Southern California Chapter) was awarded the DLSAA Outstanding Chapter President during the World Congress VII, held in LA, for exhibiting his exemplary leadership in soliciting the cooperation of the entire Lasallian community in his respective area in pursuing the goals of their chapter.